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What Is Content Marketing?

Considered one of the most essential strategies for attracting and engaging an audience, content marketing is an approach that can establish your brand, provide valuable insight as well as boost your website rankings through search engine optimisation (SEO). Content marketing is becoming an increasingly popular method of marketing thanks to its benefits of providing customers with what they want; useful and relevant information that can help them and, therefore, drive positive customer action. Instead of irritating customers with glaring and imposing marketing, content is something that provides real value and that customers appreciate. Why is content marketing a growing strategy? Content marketing has been adopted by many businesses (around 90% of organisations) for many reasons but most notably for its…
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How To Create Compelling Content

When planning your marketing strategy, it is likely that content marketing will play a significant part in your plan. Content is vital for building trust with your customers and establishing your brand and its values with potential buyers. Content develops leads, converts into sales and can even promote brand ambassadors. However, for content to work its magic, it needs to be compelling. So, how can your business create compelling content to engage your audience? Steps to creating compelling content 1.  Define your audience It may sound simple, but content will only compel if you target it correctly. Not all content is the same, and not everyone will be compelled by the same content. For a start, you need to make…
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Data security for GDPR

Are you ready for the new GDPR rules?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May 2018. It’s an EU framework which governs how personal data is stored and handled and so has far-reaching implications for businesses about how customer information is collected and managed. What is GDPR? GDPR replaces the current Data Protection Act and aims to improve the security of personal data. It is built on the principle of ‘privacy by design and by default’ which means that organisations must consider the impact that processing personal data can have on an individual’s privacy. Among other rights, your customers will have the 'right to be forgotten'. You can find out more on at the Information Commissioner's Office website, but in summary GDPR…
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Email Marketing: 5 Tips on Writing Effective Subject Lines

With Black Friday just gone, and Christmas on its way, it’s likely that your inbox is full to bursting with marketing emails. As a marketing agency, we love receiving emails as they give us ideas and insight about how different companies promote themselves. But at times, even we admit to getting a bit emailed-out. If you’re currently spending a lot of time deleting emails, you may assume that your customers are doing the same. This begs the question: is email marketing still worth doing? We would argue a resounding ‘yes’ but with the caveat that it must be done well. And therein lies the difficulty! One of the critical factors in improving your email marketing open rates is to come…
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5 Steps to Better Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful way to engage your existing and prospective customers. But with most people struggling to keep on top of their inboxes, it’s harder than ever to get attention. Here are five simple steps you can take to improve the results you get from email marketing. 1. Set up analytics While printed newsletters certainly have advantages, it’s difficult to monitor what recipients actually do with them. With email marketing, especially popular platforms such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, you get analytics so you can see within minutes how successful your email has been. This information should be used to inform future campaigns so, over time, you build up a picture of the sort of content your…
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