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How To Create Compelling Content

When planning your marketing strategy, it is likely that content marketing will play a significant part in your plan. Content is vital for building trust with your customers and establishing your brand and its values with potential buyers. Content develops leads, converts into sales and can even promote brand ambassadors. However, for content to work its magic, it needs to be compelling. So, how can your business create compelling content to engage your audience?

Steps to creating compelling content

1.  Define your audience

It may sound simple, but content will only compel if you target it correctly. Not all content is the same, and not everyone will be compelled by the same content. For a start, you need to make sure that you determine who it is you want to attract. What is the demographic? What inspires your customers? Building a customer profile is a great way to draw a picture of your audience and work out what type of content will attract and convert.

2.  Make it personal

Once you have defined your customer profile, you then have an advantage of being able to personalise the content to make it all about them. People love the personal touch. With just small additions, you can capture attention by offering seemingly personalised and tailored content. A great example of this is using someone’s name in an email newsletter, so much more engaging than a generic ‘hello all’.

3.  Use all media types

Different people will be drawn to different media formats, so it is essential to offer something for all of your audience. Photographs, infographics, animations, videos, blog posts, long-form articles and news articles as well as social media posts, tweets and updates can all work together to create compelling content to satisfy all of your customers and browsers.

With every type of media, it is important to make sure that every piece is visually effective. Consider graphics, layout, colours and styles. If you have created fantastic content, do not let it be lost to dull and drab backgrounds and boring designs.

4.  Do not deliver ‘fake ’

One of the most crucial aspects of content marketing is that it builds trust, engagement and rapport with readers and viewers. With this, it is vital to make sure you do your research and make sure your content is accurate and trustworthy. Check facts and remember linking to other sources of information can be beneficial for your SEO strategy too.

As well as making sure the information you provide is accurate, it is vital that your message also aligns with your brand. There is no point crafting great content if it is not relevant and will not inspire your audience. Remember also that the tone and style of your content should try and be consistent. Your content builds up a picture or your brand; it is wise to make it synonymous and easy for your customers to understand.


As well as providing useful information to your customers, content marketing is an excellent strategy for improving your SEO and search rankings. Make sure to factor in your SEO techniques to help make sure your compelling content gets seen and also help to boost your rankings in the process.