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social media marketing influencer filming a cookery show

Using influencers in social media marketing

We regularly reach out to bloggers as part of our social media marketing to help promote our e-commerce clients’ products. Influencer marketing is a marketing tactic that calls on good, old fashioned PR skills, and requires careful planning to ensure you’re targeting bloggers with a relevant style and audience demographic.   Fashion, lifestyle and food bloggers have been helpful in exposing our clients to new audiences, with posts on their blogs and their social media feeds. As well as generating some buzz around the products many of our influencers have also created some beautiful photography and even vlogs which have been great to share on our client’s websites and social channels.   Of course, influencers are well aware of the…
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Big fish in a boutique digital marketing agency

The advantages of working with a boutique digital marketing agency We think (and our clients do too) that as a smaller agency, we can offer a more bespoke service with much better value for money, especially for SMEs.  Here are some compelling reasons why it can be advantageous to work with a smaller digital marketing agency. Cohesion While big agencies may have larger teams, there is often a lack of cohesion.  With a smaller team, everyone knows what’s going on, has been involved in the planning and knows what part they play in execution. Understanding When investing in digital marketing support, you need to work with an agency which understands your business and your marketplace otherwise you won’t get best…
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B2B marketing – why patience pays

Whether you’re selling widgets to car manufacturers or professional services to hoteliers, a good B2B marketing agency will tell you that you need a medium to long-term mindset.   Unlike consumer goods, B2B services and solutions can’t easily be returned for a refund if the client is not happy. Extricating a business from a poor choice of supplier is costly and stressful. As a B2B marketing agency, we know only too well that good decisions are more important than quick decisions.   While the methods of reaching a B2B audience do not differ greatly from B2C, it's important to bear in mind how the two audiences approach a purchase.   Business-to-consumer marketing -  quick decisions, purchase based on emotion and…
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Thinking big but acting small

I love to visit other businesses and find out what makes them tick, so jumped at the opportunity to go along to Moneypenny in Wrexham and hear a talk from their MD Joanna Swash. Joanna outlined Moneypenny’s amazing journey, its future plans and talked about the importance of culture in promoting a happy workplace. But the thing that resonated with me most was when Joanna talked about the importance of ‘thinking big but acting small’. The reason this hit home to me was that this message perfectly sums up what most companies need from their marketing agency, and what we aim to deliver here at Activepage. We definitely come up with ambitious and creative marketing plans – we like to…
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Setting effective marketing goals for 2019

January is a good month to set goals. The start of a new year is always a good opportunity to think afresh. Perhaps you’ve already set, started work on (and ditched!) some personal goals, but what about your business? If growing your business is part of the plan for 2019, you’ll need to set clear and effective goals for your marketing activity. It’s all too easy to spend money on marketing and see little return. Each business will have different requirements from its investment in marketing. For some, marketing is about acquiring new customers and all efforts are focused on generating leads. Marketing, aligned to the business plan, needs to play its part in increasing the numbers, which may be…
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