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Google Analytics 4 is the newest version of Google Analytics, replacing the universally used Google Universal. The new version offers a range of improvements that marketeers will find indispensable. By now you’ve likely ensured you have converted to GA4 and it may have been tedious, stressful and felt a little unnecessary, but now it’s done let’s take a look at some of the biggest gains. Cross-device tracking for a better understanding of consumer behaviour Google Analytics 4 offers marketers a more accurate view of consumer behaviour on different devices. With cross-device tracking, marketeers can have an understanding of how and when users move from one device to another. This insight is invaluable as it helps create an omnichannel strategy that…
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The advantages of working with a boutique digital marketing agency We think (and our clients do too) that as a smaller agency, we can offer a more bespoke service with much better value for money, especially for SMEs.  Here are some compelling reasons why it can be advantageous to work with a smaller digital marketing agency. Cohesion While big agencies may have larger teams, there is often a lack of cohesion.  With a smaller team, everyone knows what’s going on, has been involved in the planning and knows what part they play in execution. Understanding When investing in digital marketing support, you need to work with an agency which understands your business and your marketplace otherwise you won’t get best…
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SEO is always changing that is for sure but fortunately Google is now transparent in the best practices they are looking for when ranking.  Here’s a snapshot of what is important for 2022. Domain Trust Google and specialist SEO tools such as MOZ use a variety of metrics to determine domain trust scores. Website age, quality of content, external links and the “stickiness” of a website all contribute to the trust score.  Here’s the best tactics to ensure your trust score is its best for better rankings: Review and test your customer journey to ensure you are providing the best user experience for conversion. Always get independent analysis, simple changes can make a huge difference. New website visitors will be…
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There is so much going on in everyone’s life all over the world that setting the right tone in content right now, is really difficult. When Covid-19 became a global issue way back in February, it didn’t feel right to send “marketing” messages at all and it has taken a while to adapt and re-think communication strategies. The dictionary definition of empathy is as follows: “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” Empathy is different from sympathy when you feel pity for what the other person is going through. Empathy is about putting yourself in their shoes. People are looking for information, and depending on your industry, there may be several content opportunities for you to dig…
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social media marketing influencer filming a cookery show

Using influencers in social media marketing

We regularly reach out to bloggers as part of our social media marketing to help promote our e-commerce clients’ products. Influencer marketing is a marketing tactic that calls on good, old fashioned PR skills, and requires careful planning to ensure you’re targeting bloggers with a relevant style and audience demographic.   Fashion, lifestyle and food bloggers have been helpful in exposing our clients to new audiences, with posts on their blogs and their social media feeds. As well as generating some buzz around the products many of our influencers have also created some beautiful photography and even vlogs which have been great to share on our client’s websites and social channels.   Of course, influencers are well aware of the…
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