Google Analytics 4 is the newest version of Google Analytics, replacing the universally used Google Universal. The new version offers a range of improvements that marketeers will find indispensable.

By now you’ve likely ensured you have converted to GA4 and it may have been tedious, stressful and felt a little unnecessary, but now it’s done let’s take a look at some of the biggest gains.

Cross-device tracking for a better understanding of consumer behaviour

Google Analytics 4 offers marketers a more accurate view of consumer behaviour on different devices. With cross-device tracking, marketeers can have an understanding of how and when users move from one device to another. This insight is invaluable as it helps create an omnichannel strategy that caters to user behaviour across all connected devices. This way, marketers can create seamless experiences for users regardless of the device they use to access a site.

Enhanced data protection

Google Analytics 4 integrates with Google’s enhanced data protection features to ensure users’ data is secure. With Google Analytics 4, users’ privacy is guaranteed, thanks to the Automatic Identification of Personal Information. This feature identifies any personal information in the code and removes it before being stored. This means that marketeers can work with their user data without privacy concerns.

AI-driven intelligent insights

Google Analytics 4’s intelligence-powered insights make it possible for marketeers to extract valuable insights about how users behave on a website. Unlike Universal, Google Analytics 4 allows for machine learning models to create insights for marketers automatically. For example, instead of having to analyse data from different events manually, you can get an automatic report on what users did and how they did it. This leads to more accurate insights, real-time reporting, and intelligent recommendations.

Deeper integration with Google Ads

A deeper integration of Google Analytics 4 with Google Ads helps marketers optimise their ad campaigns better. Google Analytics 4 is designed to work seamlessly with Google Ads to allow you to track and measure their ads’ performance. This way, marketers can know how their ads impact user behaviour and make data-driven decisions that improve their ad campaigns. Additionally, Google Analytics 4 allows marketers to track revenue across different channels, which gives a better understanding of the performance of their ad campaigns.

Better engagement tracking

Google Analytics 4’s engagement tracking capabilities have been given an overhaul, and there can only be benefits, with more accurate tracking of user engagements, you can see how users interact with web components on their websites. This way, we can optimise websites to deliver better user experiences, which eventually leads to increased website engagement.


Google Analytics 4 is the better version of Google Universal and presents huge gains. With improved data security, AI-driven insights, cross-device tracking, better integration with Google Ads, and better engagement tracking, marketers can have a deeper understanding of user behaviour on their websites and optimise their campaigns for better performance.

Embracing Google Analytics 4 is a must if you want to deliver personalised user experiences, improve engagement, and drive conversions. And the best news is, it is free!