Investment in styling your products has never been so important.  When discussing content plans with clients it is natural to talk about themes and words before imagery but imagery is key and has been so important to our client Wipe Easy Tablecloths.

Wipe Easy Tablecloths sell a large range of oilcloths and display all the designs in detail but it is the styling of those designs that help the buyer visualise the design in their homes.  You can see how this styled Christmas table setting image has helped to sell this design and has been a well worth investment.

“For interiors it’s all about the styled image”

The styled image has appeared in many forms in a newsletter, on social media and as blog content so it has exposure across the channels.

The proof is of course in the pudding and to demonstrate the power of a styled image here are the stats!

  • 40% more engagement in featured styled designs
  • Sale increases of typically 20% when compared with similar products with no styling.

If you need help to create product styling contact us – we’re always happy to chat.