Where Do I Distribute My Content?

Make sure your content is a success by distributing in the right channels.

Where Do I Distribute My Content?

You have a great marketing plan. Your team has crafted some fantastic, compelling content that is sure to tap into your market and convert into sales. Your content works at generating leads, converting customers and promoting brand ambassadors. However, you have no idea where to publish your compelling content so that it makes the most impact. Fortunately, there are many channels to distribute content so that it can deliver to results you are aiming for.

What channels should I use to distribute content?

1. Email

One effective and measurable methods of content distribution is via email newsletters. Emails feel personal, and by having your own email address book of customers, you have an audience that is captive. Sharing emails build rapport and can establish your relationship with customers.

Building an email list is a vital step for all organisations so that they have a team of subscribers who will be the first people who want to engage with your content and they are more likely to share your content via social media and with friends and family. In fact, 80% of retail professionals believe email marketing is the most prominent driver for customer retention. With this in mind, make sure you regularly publish content via email to keep customers committed to your brand.

2. Guest post

It may seem out of reach, but it is surprisingly easy to publish your articles on the most significant blog websites in the world. From Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Reddit, by pitching your article, infographic or content, you can rapidly increase your audience base and can even cause your brand to go viral.

By sharing your content on another website, you get to include vital backlinks which can increase your search engine rankings. As well as this, you can build up relationships, not only with new readers but other businesses which can help to lead to more subscribers to your brand. Remember, once you have a guest post, link the post to your own blog as well as sharing and promoting on social media so that you have maximum coverage.

3. Social media

Social media sites are an excellent way of provoking conversation and discussion. Different social media sites suit different content forms, so it is important to target accordingly. For example, LinkedIn is an excellent way to network and build a B2B audience while Instagram works wonders for brand promotion and building a loyal following with images and videos.

Facebook and Twitter are both ideal for building a discussion as well as promoting your content on other formats using links. Remember sites such as Twitter have around 100 million daily users. While your content has to be kept short and sweet; it is an excellent way to reach a broad audience, and with the right hashtags and links, you can lead people to more of your content.


When you have created compelling content that you are happy with, make sure it is a success. It is well worth re-purposing content in different formats to help increase engagement. For example, a blog post can be shaped into an email newsletter. Articles can be transformed into a podcast, video or infographic to make sure there is the right media type to suit every audience member.