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There is so much going on in everyone’s life all over the world that setting the right tone in content right now, is really difficult. When Covid-19 became a global issue way back in February, it didn’t feel right to send “marketing” messages at all and it has taken a while to adapt and re-think communication strategies. The dictionary definition of empathy is as follows: “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” Empathy is different from sympathy when you feel pity for what the other person is going through. Empathy is about putting yourself in their shoes. People are looking for information, and depending on your industry, there may be several content opportunities for you to dig…
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social media marketing influencer filming a cookery show

Using influencers in social media marketing

We regularly reach out to bloggers as part of our social media marketing to help promote our e-commerce clients’ products. Influencer marketing is a marketing tactic that calls on good, old fashioned PR skills, and requires careful planning to ensure you’re targeting bloggers with a relevant style and audience demographic.   Fashion, lifestyle and food bloggers have been helpful in exposing our clients to new audiences, with posts on their blogs and their social media feeds. As well as generating some buzz around the products many of our influencers have also created some beautiful photography and even vlogs which have been great to share on our client’s websites and social channels.   Of course, influencers are well aware of the…
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Are you losing traffic due to duplicate content?

Duplicate content is an issue for all digital marketers and can adversely affect your rankings unless you take specific action.  Duplicate content means that the same or very similar content appears on different URLs, either within your own site or on 3rd party sites. The problem with duplicate content is that Google doesn’t know which of the duplicated pages is most important, so it will be confused about which page to show your potential customers and your search rankings can suffer.  And we all know what happens to businesses when they move to page 2 on Google… Duplicate content is a problem in particular for e-commerce sellers where products are largely the same. One way to avoid duplication is to…
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Online PR: Are press release syndication services helpful?

Positive online PR in titles read by your target audience can provide invaluable publicity and help your search engine optimisation efforts. But getting the attention of busy journalists isn’t easy. For many businesses, the starting point in their PR journey is a press release syndication service like PRWeb or PRNewswire. While syndicated press releases now have little or no impact on SEO they can help your SEO efforts in other ways while also raising your profile among influential journalists. This article aims to tell you more about press release syndication so you know how they can fit into your overall marketing strategy.   What is a press release syndication service? When you sign up to a press release syndication service…
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Using bloggers to reach new audiences

Over the last couple of years bloggers have emerged as the new tour de force in the world of marketing. With highly engaged audiences, bloggers can reach and influence thousands of people, tuning them in to new products and services within their area of interest. But who are these bloggers, and how can you include them in your marketing plan? What is a blogger? A blogger is someone who writes about a particular niche (parenting, health, golf – you name it, there’s a blog about it!) and they build up a following by posting interesting articles and photographs. Sometimes they’re highly informed, enthusiastic amateurs, blogging in their spare time. Others are professionals in their field, building a business through the…
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