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Brochures from Ecommerce Show North

Digital marketing tips – lessons from E-commerce North

We're always keen to pick up on any digital marketing tips so we jumped at the chance to go to the E-commerce Show North yesterday, with lots of exhibitors to speak to and talks to attend. Nothing like a day out of the office to meet new people and to pick up some digital marketing tips! I tried hard to be in three seminars at the same time, but it didn’t work. But here’s what I took away from the ones I did get to: Influencer marketing (panel session) There were lots of great digital marketing tips in this session, particularly for brands considering using influencer marketing to reach new audiences. Be clear on what you want to achieve. Influencers are…
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Are you losing traffic due to duplicate content?

Duplicate content is an issue for all digital marketers and can adversely affect your rankings unless you take specific action.  Duplicate content means that the same or very similar content appears on different URLs, either within your own site or on 3rd party sites. The problem with duplicate content is that Google doesn’t know which of the duplicated pages is most important, so it will be confused about which page to show your potential customers and your search rankings can suffer.  And we all know what happens to businesses when they move to page 2 on Google… Duplicate content is a problem in particular for e-commerce sellers where products are largely the same. One way to avoid duplication is to…
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How to update your free Google My Business account

On average, Google receives over 40,000 search queries every single second from over 1.2 billion unique users every month. With this level of potential exposure, it is essential that all businesses capitalise on the marketing opportunity of a free Google My Business account. The account is free to set up, and with lots of options available, you can make sure your account is completely optimised to increase your marketing potential. So, how can you update your Google My Business account for increased online presence? Here are our simple steps. Set up your account The first thing to do is create a free Google listing for your business. You can do this here. Complete the information: Google will ask you to…
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Why combine SEO & digital marketing?

All too often, attractive websites do little more than act as a shop window, particularly in a business-to-business environment. To create a website which earns its keep as a sales tool, you need to work hard on the SEO (to get visitors to the site in the first place) and then on the engagement (to get visitors to stay and take action in the sales funnel). This is why it’s important to bring SEO and digital marketing skills to the table, as one without the other will mean your website under-performs, both in terms of visitor numbers and conversions.   The value of SEO A robust SEO strategy will help customers to find you by making your website visible for…
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Record Google #1 positions

SEO requires a medium to long-term approach, especially in a competitive marketplace. We work with a number of brands which compete online with major high street retailers, helping to achieve Google page 1 organic search results and better conversions from their online traffic. For these clients, we've applied sound online marketing and SEO techniques on a consistent basis over many months, targeting less competitive search terms to bring in short-term revenue while continuing to work for those high value but difficult search terms over the long-term. It's not easy, but the results are worth it.  Three of our SME clients now appear for key, high volume search terms above the likes of John Lewis on the search engine results page,…
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