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Investment in styling your products has never been so important.  When discussing content plans with clients it is natural to talk about themes and words before imagery but imagery is key and has been so important to our client Wipe Easy Tablecloths. Wipe Easy Tablecloths sell a large range of oilcloths and display all the designs in detail but it is the styling of those designs that help the buyer visualise the design in their homes.  You can see how this styled Christmas table setting image has helped to sell this design and has been a well worth investment. "For interiors it's all about the styled image" The styled image has appeared in many forms in a newsletter, on social…
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There is so much going on in everyone’s life all over the world that setting the right tone in content right now, is really difficult. When Covid-19 became a global issue way back in February, it didn’t feel right to send “marketing” messages at all and it has taken a while to adapt and re-think communication strategies. The dictionary definition of empathy is as follows: “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” Empathy is different from sympathy when you feel pity for what the other person is going through. Empathy is about putting yourself in their shoes. People are looking for information, and depending on your industry, there may be several content opportunities for you to dig…
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Are you losing traffic due to duplicate content?

Duplicate content is an issue for all digital marketers and can adversely affect your rankings unless you take specific action.  Duplicate content means that the same or very similar content appears on different URLs, either within your own site or on 3rd party sites. The problem with duplicate content is that Google doesn’t know which of the duplicated pages is most important, so it will be confused about which page to show your potential customers and your search rankings can suffer.  And we all know what happens to businesses when they move to page 2 on Google… Duplicate content is a problem in particular for e-commerce sellers where products are largely the same. One way to avoid duplication is to…
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How To Create Compelling Content

When planning your marketing strategy, it is likely that content marketing will play a significant part in your plan. Content is vital for building trust with your customers and establishing your brand and its values with potential buyers. Content develops leads, converts into sales and can even promote brand ambassadors. However, for content to work its magic, it needs to be compelling. So, how can your business create compelling content to engage your audience? Steps to creating compelling content 1.  Define your audience It may sound simple, but content will only compel if you target it correctly. Not all content is the same, and not everyone will be compelled by the same content. For a start, you need to make…
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Record Google #1 positions

SEO requires a medium to long-term approach, especially in a competitive marketplace. We work with a number of brands which compete online with major high street retailers, helping to achieve Google page 1 organic search results and better conversions from their online traffic. For these clients, we've applied sound online marketing and SEO techniques on a consistent basis over many months, targeting less competitive search terms to bring in short-term revenue while continuing to work for those high value but difficult search terms over the long-term. It's not easy, but the results are worth it.  Three of our SME clients now appear for key, high volume search terms above the likes of John Lewis on the search engine results page,…
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