Record Google #1 positions

SEO requires a medium to long-term approach, especially in a competitive marketplace.

We work with a number of brands which compete online with major high street retailers, helping to achieve Google page 1 organic search results and better conversions from their online traffic.

For these clients, we’ve applied sound online marketing and SEO techniques on a consistent basis over many months, targeting less competitive search terms to bring in short-term revenue while continuing to work for those high value but difficult search terms over the long-term.

It’s not easy, but the results are worth it.  Three of our SME clients now appear for key, high volume search terms above the likes of John Lewis on the search engine results page, and another also appears above Claire’s Accessories and an established online retailer on key search terms.

The increased visibility of these websites is significant and has led to a large and lucrative uplift in quality traffic. And while search terms can sometimes jostle by one or two places, it seems it is difficult to move our clients off a top 3 spot if they continue to proactively maintain their hard-earned place at the top of Google’s organic rankings.

Naturally, we are proud of our results – as a small business we take our commitments to our clients very seriously – and are pleased to share some recent results for one of our long-term clients.


recordbounce blue

Summary of results

  • 77% increase in organic traffic due to more keywords ranking in higher positions.
  • 24% increase in overall revenue directly from organic traffic, with a 32% increase overall.
  • Consistent Google number 1 position for 3 high volume competitive keywords as well as ranking at position 1 or 2 for 44 target keywords.
  • Bounce rate improved to 25% from 43%, demonstrating that we are attracting high quality, engaged traffic.

We are only too aware of how confusing SEO can sometimes be.  For us, however, it boils down to the bottom line.  We ask ourselves: what are the search terms which would make the most difference to our clients, and what activity would give them the best ROI?

Our approach is straight-forward, usually entailing an audit of the ‘health’ of a website against Google’s ranking guidelines, and then we put in place a sound strategy for on-page and technical optimisation.  We then monitor keyword performance on an near-daily basis, keep an eye on the competition, and tweak our approach according to the results we see.

Most importantly, we collaborate closely with our clients, always keeping our eye on value for money.

If you would like help with your SEO and online marketing, please get in touch on 01606 610808.  

*The growth results compare March 2017 with March 2016.