What is content marketing and how can it help you?


Companies which are attracting business rather than having to go out and find it using hard-nosed cold calling or expensive advertising are almost always investing in their websites.

They’re paying attention to how they describe the features and benefits of their products and services. And they’re creating valuable articles, presentations, infographics and sales pages which answer their customers’ biggest questions.

They see their websites as more than a shop window and invest time, effort and energy in creating the right customer experience online, backed up by thought leadership content which delivers warm, ready-to-buy inbound leads. In a nutshell, they’re investing in copywriting and content marketing to attract the right customers to their door.

Three benefits of content marketing

  • Differentiation.  Companies which operate in a highly competitive marketplace will find that high quality content is a great differentiator. If you can inform, engage or entertain people with your content you’re more likely to connect with your audience and become their preference when they’re ready to buy.
  • SEO.  Not only does good content help to ease prospects into the sales cycle, it also helps your website to perform better on Google too. This is because Google takes into account the amount of time people spend on a website, as well as the number of pages they visit, when determining a ranking position in the SERPs (search engine results page). So, interesting content which keeps people engaged and browsing around your site is a great way to boost your search engine rankings.  (If you’ve done some keyword research, you’ll also be able to use your chosen keywords in any new articles you create, further boosting your chances of ranking for your chosen search terms).
  • Reach new audiences.  Good content is also more likely to be shared by people who like what you have to say and think it might be useful to their friends and associates. This kind of advocacy is a powerful way to win new business as people are more likely to buy based on the recommendation of a trusted friend. Plus, backlinks to your website from other good quality websites are another positive indicator to Google and will help your rankings.

Considering content marketing for your business?

For businesses which are truly great at what they do there is plenty of in-house experience and expertise to share, so content marketing, to an extent, should come naturally.

The difficulty usually lies in setting aside the time to create high quality articles, and articulating your thoughts and ideas in writing. Sometimes you’ll have the time and the inspiration, but all too frequently your own marketing will be hijacked by other business issues. That’s why many businesses turn to a content marketing agency with expert copywriters for help.

Our approach is to work alongside our clients to create valuable content which makes a difference. We develop the strategy and then we research and write the content on your behalf – blog posts, articles, downloadable guides, infographics – whatever format your content needs to be presented it. We try to keep things as straight forward as possible as that’s the best way to ensure a consistent approach.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to create unique content which connects with your audience, sets you apart from the crowd and boosts your Google rankings, please get in touch with us on 01606 610808. We’re a marketing agency based in Cheshire and Cambridgeshire but we work with clients from across the UK.