Thinking big but acting small

I love to visit other businesses and find out what makes them tick, so jumped at the opportunity to go along to Moneypenny in Wrexham and hear a talk from their MD Joanna Swash.

Joanna outlined Moneypenny’s amazing journey, its future plans and talked about the importance of culture in promoting a happy workplace. But the thing that resonated with me most was when Joanna talked about the importance of

‘thinking big but acting small’.

The reason this hit home to me was that this message perfectly sums up what most companies need from their marketing agency, and what we aim to deliver here at Activepage. We definitely come up with ambitious and creative marketing plans – we like to think big, challenge the way things are done and make an impact on the bottom line, otherwise, why are we hired? But we rarely have the luxury of big budgets or unlimited time, so everything we do has to have a purpose, has to earn its keep in the marketing plan and has to be delivered well from start to finish.

The devil is always in the detail. For a marketing agency, it’s easy to over-promise and under-deliver or to deliver the wrong thing simply because you haven’t spent time in the client’s shoes.

Spending time with our clients, understanding their issues, their marketplace, their competitive landscape, their future plans and today’s challenges all takes effort and energy, but it’s the only way to do what’s right.

So yes, thinking big but acting small is a key ingredient in the Activepage approach. And it’s encouraging that a company as big and successful as Moneypenny confirms it.