A clear message for Norcott

Norcott Technologies is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards.  The company is highly innovative and its products are used in a wide variety of applications, including the multi-billion pound Human Brain Project.

We have been appointed to help spread the word about Norcott’s work through the creation of high quality content for their website, their customer newsletter and their company’s LinkedIn profile, as well as regional and industry media titles.

The hope is that a consistent flow of good news stories will help to demonstrate Norcott’s commitment to quality, service and innovation, helping to reach new customers and bolster the workforce by attracting skilled employees.

We work directly with Norcott’s senior management team to develop content plans which are relevant to the company and its audience.  We then manage the creation of high quality articles which are distributed them among Norcott’s various marketing channels.

Our involvement ensures that Norcott’s good news is well-written and shared with consistency. This is key to ensuring Norcott is front of mind and that the audience has a positive perception of the company’s track record and capabilities.  And because the activity is outsourced, it means Norcott’s proactive marketing doesn’t stop, even when internal priorities have changed.

Many of our clients have conflicting priorities in that they know they need to focus on marketing for growth, yet day-to-day issues and client demands mean their own marketing moves further and further down the ‘to do’ list. By outsourcing the creation and dissemination of good news, our clients can rest assured knowing that their own marketing is of high quality and consistent and is therefore more likely to achieve positive results.