You need a copywriter when…

Have you ever been in this scenario:

Web designer: “Thank you for signing off the design of your new website, lovely customer. How are you getting on with the content?”

You: “I’ve not started it yet, but it won’t take me long. I’ll get it to you by Friday.”

Web designer (Monday morning): “Hello customer, can you let me have that text for your website today, I’d like to get the site live for you.”

You: “Oh bother, I did mean to work on it but I couldn’t find the time… and then it was harder than I thought it would be… so I did something else instead.”

And so it goes on. For some inexplicable reason, it can be really hard to write about your own business. In theory, it should be simple – after all, you know your business and your customers better than anyone else.

Sometimes, though, you’re just too darn close to the subject (and the business) and your words simply fail to appear.

Here are 8 signs that tell you it’s time to seek the help of a copywriter …

1. You find yourself cleaning your desk (making tea, darning your socks) when you should be writing…
2. Your hear yourself say to your web designer ‘I know exactly what I want to say, but…’
3. You realise your first sentence is 108 words long…
4. Your colleagues don’t understand a word you’ve written. Heck, even you don’t understand a word you’ve written…
5. You start researching the best online thesaurus…and 2 hours later you’re still browsing the internet.
6. Your copy sounds …just a little too like your competitor’s
7. You re-read yesterday’s ‘hilarious’ copy, only to find it’s dismally cheesy and unprofessional
8. You realise it’s Friday again, and you still haven’t sent the copy to your web master.

If you need help with copywriting for your website, blog, email marketing, brochures – please get in touch.