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Pay-per-click advertising will help you get noticed by customers who are searching for your products or services.

We can design and manage your pay-per-click advertising to ensure you achieve maximum return on your investment.

We analyse your business and research your market to choose the right keywords and phrases to target and then write the advert to help draw the right customers to your site.

Increased numbers of web visitors won’t be our only goal. We’ll also help ensure the people who click on an advert actually stay on your site and view your products and services, going through the sales cycle. For us, the commercial performance of a campaign is imperative.

If you have an ecommerce site, for example, we’ll focus on making sure it converts your visitors into customers. If you offer a service, we’ll focus on ensuring your site will generate leads. This rounded approach means your advertising budget is properly spent.

  • Strategy & planning.
  • PPC campaign design.
  • Account set-up.
  • Daily account monitoring.
  • Review & measurement.


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