Email marketing

We create dynamic email marketing campaigns that help you build strong, lasting relationships with your customers.

If you operate in a crowded marketplace, a strong email marketing strategy can help ensure your brand remains front of mind.

Because we’re marketing experts first and foremost, our email solutions are highly effective.  Our approach works because we do the necessary groundwork before clicking ‘send’.

The process usually begins with one or a series of stakeholder workshops and interviews with key members of staff as well as competitor research.  We’ll also look at campaign and subscriber engagement from email marketing campaigns you’ve already run.

From there we usually go on to develop creative template designs and contact strategies which ensure your emails reach your audience at the right time with maximum impact. Then, whether your objective is to sell, inform or entertain, we’ll come up with the content that gets your audience reading and clicking through to your website.

Our reporting and analysis goes beyond open and click rates to give you informed, long-term insights into how customers respond to your emails. This analysis informs our strategy, helping to generate a better return from your email marketing efforts.

  • Tailored email marketing strategy.
  • Template design.
  • Content creation and copywriting.
  • Testing.
  • Campaign management.
  • List building & management.
  • Monitoring and reporting.


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